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Jeff Snieder, host of Popcorn Talk’s Meet the Movie Press, says early buzz around Aquaman is good — and its action scenes reportedly “put Wonder Woman and Justice League to shame.”

Snieder and Umberto Gonzalez discussed Aquaman’s early test screenings held Wednesday on the Warner Bros. lot and its subsequent positive reception, following first-hand accounts shared to social media sites Twitter and Reddit.”I heard it was great, man,” Gonzalez said. He added, “Someone else told me it was a palette cleanser for them, for DC, what’s happened with the Zack Snyder films. So high hopes for that one and Shazam.”

“I heard that it plays like an Indiana Jones movie and that the action puts Wonder Woman and Justice League to shame. That is what I heard,” Sneider said.

“And that would make sense — James Wan is an experienced action director, I would expect the action to really be awesome,” Sneider said. “And the fact that I imagine a lot of it is going to be underwater, too, is a different element than we’ve seen in a lot of these movies. So I’m not surprised that I heard reports that the action is awesome.”

Wan, who has directed horror hits Saw and The Conjuring, recently steered Furious 7 to $1.5 billion in 2015. The smash hit blockbuster was praised for its high-octane action and its heart, most notably its emotional sendoff for departed leading man Paul Walker.While on today’s episode of Meet The Movie Press, Heroic Hollywood editor in chief Umberto Gonzalez, along and The Tracking Board editor in chief Jeff Sneider dished on new reactions to the film. The test screening for the swashbuckling action-adventure was initially met with praise for its action-packed and emotional story. These reactions were confirmed while our own Gonzalez added that a fan who saw the film went as far to say that it was a “palate cleanser” for them after being disappointed by the results of Zack Snyder’s Justice League. Sneider added the reactions he heard about the film, revealing Wan may have stepped up the level of action in the next DC film:
Along with the positive reactions, new story details also emerged about the film. Officially, Aquaman is centered on the King of Atlantis and will dive into the character’s past as it explores the discovery of his powers and his reluctance to accept his role as King. The new details reveal that Black Manta (Yahya Abdul-Mateen II) may be featured as a secondary villain to Ocean Master (Patrick Wilson) and that we may even see Aquaman wearing a suit that resembles his comic book costume. You can check out a full breakdown of the details revealed about the film from the test screening here.

Aquaman is directed by James Wan, and stars Jason Momoa, Amber Heard, Nicole Kidman, Willem Dafoe, Dolph Lundgren, Patrick Wilson, Temuera Morrison, and Yahya Abdul-Mateen II. The film hits theaters December 21, 2018.Now that Justice League is past us, Warner Bros. is shaking things up. There is now a new head at the studio and with that comes changes. It seems that the studio is easing off the gas when it comes to announcing movies. As of right now there is only Aquaman, Shazam, Wonder Woman 2 and Flashpoint with any sort of true momentum behind them. The Batman, which has a director attached, and a sequel to Man of Steel are also expected, but there’s nothing concrete like release dates for those yet.

The hard part now is figuring out what films Warner Bros. should focus on. There have been numerous films unofficially announced by the studio, with three of them featuring Harley Quinn as a main character. This shows a lack of focus. Now going forward, there needs to be a clear focus as to what movies are coming out.

Here are some suggestions as to what DC films Warner Bros. needs to focus on after Justice League. Click Next to get started!Positive early reactions from an Aquaman test screening point to a bounce back for Warner Bros. and DC Films. After Wonder Woman was universally praised, the expectation was that Justice League could continue to send the DC movie universe in the right direction.

The movie was instead plagued by a Frankenstein edit, production drama and tragedy, and continues to be a major topic of conversation. The studio has a yearlong wait between that and their next film, that being James Wan’s Aquaman.

Unlike most of the previous DC productions, Aquaman has continued on without much worry. For many moviegoers, Jason Momoa’s portrayal of Arthur Curry was one of the highlights of Justice League.

That should give Aquaman a decent starting base when it comes to attracting audiences, but so far the general public is still waiting on the trailer.

There’s been footage to debut at cons already, and now a select few have seen a version of the movie.

Warner Bros. held a very early test screening today for Aquaman on their studio lot, and while those in attendance are not allowed to publicly reveal their thoughts, third-parties can. Batman-News shared some of the early reactions they’ve received, with both individuals noting an action-heavy and emotional film.

While the details aren’t great, the general reaction most definitely is. WB is very much in need of another win when it comes to their DC lineup, so any early positive buzz is good news.

Hearing that it is action-heavy falls in line with what some actors involved have described, such as Yahya Abdul-Matteen II as Black Manta.

The emotional part is where Aquaman could help separate itself from being another middle-of-the-road comic book movie.

The best ones typically have some dramatic weight to them, and having an emotional story should help accomplish just that.

This is however a very early version of whatever Aquaman will be when it hits theaters in December. Principal photography wrapped in October of last year, so planned reshoots are surely still to come.

The feedback from today’s test screenings could go a long way in determining what to change, but also what not to.

That said, test screening reactions are not always the best way to gauge if a movie is actually going to be good. Over six months before it hit theaters, Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice infamously received a standing ovation during WB’s executive early screening.

Additionally, Suicide Squad‘s early fan screening reactions were very positive, while Justice League also reportedly received positive reactions.

In the case of Aquaman, a quiet production featuring great talent is enough of a reason to be excited, so these reactions are a nice reminder of that if nothing else. Now we just have to hope the actual film delivers.